What is Strong Squad?

How do you define being strong? What physical or mental challenge have you overcome that caused you to come out stronger on the other side? What pushed you past your limits? Strong Squad was developed by breast cancer survivor Holly Cotton to unite survivors of different life challenges as a united group. She vowed during her recovery to become the strongest version of herself mentally, physically and spiritually. She realized how fragile life is and vowed to use her survivorship to help others define their strong and create and achieve their own goals. Being strong is more than just muscles. Being strong means choosing the difficult path, making hard decisions, choosing ourselves as a priority and pushing beyond comfort in order to achieve our goals in life. Holly has also written books to empower and motivate others. "Strong. More Than Muscles" is a detailed autobiography of being diagnosed and surviving cancer and "Day 1." is a guide to define and execute your goals. Both books are available on all book distributing platforms.

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